Biogas Wipptal: agreement with Organica for the distribution of pellet fertiliser

The pellet fertiliser produced by Biogas Wipptal will be distributed by Organica, a company based in Cesena and specialised in the supply of gardening products to modern commercial establishments. The cooperation agreement for the supply was recently signed by the two companies.

Biogas Wipptal’s fertiliser pellets are produced exclusively from cattle manure and manure in anaerobic fermentation, a process that meets the high-quality standards demanded by Organica.  The certified fertiliser produced by Biogas Wipptal is odourless and slow-acting. The organic substances used in the formulation of the product are able to improve the fertility and structure of the soil by enriching it with organic matter.

With the interministerial decree of 2 March 2018, Italy, in compliance with EU directives on the use of renewable energy resources in the transport sector, established new targets and framework conditions in this regard, which prompted BIOGAS Wipptal to convert its plant. On completion of the ongoing renovation work at the Sterzing plant, which is scheduled for the end of May 2022, BIOGAS Wipptal will produce 30,000 tonnes of natural fertiliser in liquid form and 5,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser in the form of pellets per year.

Organica will distribute Biogas Wipptal fertiliser under its own brand name “Fiorand” to commercial establishments and specialist garden shops. The specially developed packaging will highlight the origin of the raw material “Made in Südtirol” to guarantee the high quality of the content. For distribution in South Tyrol, the packaging is strictly bilingual in compliance with local regulations.

With this cooperation, Biogas Wipptal and Organica are aiming for a massive market success of the product, in line both with the needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to the organic and natural characteristics of the raw material and with the corporate philosophy of the two partners, who attach great importance to sustainable production and an adequate quality/price ratio.

Organica is based in Cesena and has developed as an autonomous entity within the seed group of Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate (CAC), which in over 70 years has become an important reference worldwide for the multiplication of seeds, a symbol of high-quality Italian agriculture.