Biogas Wipptal has a new president and concept

Agriculture, for an effective circular economy we need to join forces

Thomas Klapfer was unanimously elected as the new president of Biogas Wipptal on Monday, 12/09/2022. “I would like to thank the fathers of the idea of the circular economy in the Wipptal area, who developed this project, which is so important and promising for all farmers, off the ground,” said the new president: “Now it is a matter of working together to bring forward the well needed decarbonisation of agriculture. The family of Wipptal dairy farmers can courageously lead the way here and then become an example for the whole country.”

For the Wipptal farmers, the cooperation is a great advantage and a virtuous circle matter: in this way manure and slurry are released, processed into valuable fertilisers and then returned in the desired quantity – as a purely biological nutrient for meadows and fields without any odour nuisance. This is how dairy farming really becomes a circular economy.

Innovative ideas, a new concept

Back story: Biogas Wipptal goes back to an innovative idea of Wipptal farmers, in which manure and slurry are processed via a technical process which allows valuable energy and fertiliser to be produced, and clean water is then returned to nature. The first plant was put into operation in 2016.

In 2020, other partners from the transport sector (Fercam, Iveco Gasser and Transbozen) joined in, and subsequently this innovative idea was expanded and further developed. The implementation took place in the past few months, with the production facility near Sterzing being expanded with state-of-the-art technical equipment at an investment of around 20 million euros. Trial running-phase is currently underway after which the whole system will run at full capacity. Then Biogas Wipptal will also produce sustainable biogenic CO2 for food production and bio-LNG; in addition, organic fertilisers in liquid and dry form and clean water destined to return to nature are the main products of the biogas plant.

The young and committed managing director Manfred Gius about the new concept: “Above all, we are also striving for innovative cooperations with local partners in the name of circular economy – whether it concerns food production or the apple industry. I don’t want to give too much away yet, but exciting projects are in development, and we will be happy to present them as soon as they are ready to be released.”

On the right track for the future

The new President Thomas Klapfer and Managing Director Manfred Gius, together with the shareholders, are convinced that they are on the right track for the future. Klapfer says: “As a dairy producer community in the Wipptal area, we want to make our shared vision of a circular economy in agriculture a reality, thus making an exemplary contribution to the fight against climate change”.