2020 - 2021

Expansion of Biogas Wipptal

Biogas Wipptal is currently rebuilding the plant and will increase the annual capacity up to 150.000to a year for fermentation of cattle manure and slurry. While the farm fertilizer have been used for production of electrical power, in the future target is to produce Bio-LNG, as well natural carbonic acid for food industry. The production of hydrogen is a further option for future. The existing production of bio-fertilizer solid and liquid shall be extended for retail trade.

NutriDrip 4.0 is a further innovative project from Biogas Wipptal in collaboration with Netafim, worldwide leader in irrigation systems. The system NutriDrip is developed to irrigate automatic-controlled fruit, vine and vegetable yards while needed nutritive can be added on demand and safe in parallel 45 % of irrigation-water.