Bio organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizer pellets and liquid fertilizers are rich in plant nutrients. Fermented cattle manure is extremely well-suited for use as a fertilizer. Our grandparents knew this. Because of the pungent odor of this fertilizer, many farmers have foregone the use of this valuable source of plant nutrients. Now we have the solution!

On the basis of their origin and the sustainable production process, the pellets of fertilizer that BIWI makes are officially certified organic fertilizers. More information at:

Areas of use:

Organic fertilizers are especially well-suited for use in specific applications, e.g., for balcony flower boxes, in public green areas, flower beds, vegetable gardens, horticultural undertakings, and in large-scale fruit orchards and vineyards.

The name BayWa stands for innovation and sustainability. Our commitment to regenerative energies and the protection of natural resources underscores this fundamental idea. And that’s why we evaluate our suppliers not only on the basis of the quality of their products, but also upon the way they manufacture them. With its organic fertilizer and an especially future-oriented concept, Biogas Wipptal fulfills all of these prerequisites.

BIWI fertilizers made by Biogas Wipptal result in no leaching of nutrients (e.g., nitrates), and thus protect the groundwater and also the quality of bodies of water like streams and rivers. Besides this valuable contribution to environmental protection, BIWI fertilizers enhance the humus content of the soil and thus promote the soil’s own ability to store CO2 and vitalize soil organisms. BIWI fertilizers are extremely well-suited for use in the areas of viticulture (wine-growing), fruit-growing, and horticulture.

Josef Martin Bauer
Head of Horticultural Consulting
BayWa AG

We here at the Main Agricultural Cooperative subject our trade products to a critical evaluation according to the criteria of innovation, quality, and sustainability. Fertilizers, too, must meet these standards before they find their way to our stores’ shelves. Our members and customers can choose from a wide assortment of products, and are coming to appreciate the importance of regional products more and more. With the BIWI fertilizers of Biogas Wipptal, we offer our customers the first natural and odorless fertilizers “Made in South Tyrol.” With them, gardens and fruit orchards can be supplied with nutrients in a natural and ecological manner.

Michael Puntaier
Coordinator for Retail Trade of the Main Agricultural Cooperative of South Tyrol