Innovative water treatment

Farmyard waste and liquid manure have a high water content. Biogas Wipptal has integrated an innovative system capable of extracting this water and purifying it. SLURLESS 100 is an innovative installation capable of treating both direct and also modified livestock waste and contaminated water. The method is based on a series of mechanical separation and concentration steps involving solids separation and reverse osmosis. The result is clean water that is suitable for discharging into surface waters.

The Italian Biogas Consortium recommends that its members rely upon natural and environmentally safe production processes. The project of Biogas Wipptal fulfills this recommendation insofar as it takes ecological concerns into consideration down to the last detail. The integration of a water treatment plant for the purification of the permeate extracted from the barnyard wastes and liquid manure is so effective that the resultant water can be safely discharged into surface waters. As an agronomist, I can only emphasize the commitment of the plant operators to find and use innovative and integrated environmental protection technologies.

Guido Bezzi
Head of the Agricultural Activities Division of the Italian Biogas Plant Consortium (CIB)

Clean water

By draining the cattle manure, 40,000 tons of pure water are returned to the Pfi tscher Bach every year.